About us


About Us

As a farrier for over 22 years, my passion for helping horses and the farrier trade has only grown.

I focus my practice on therapeutic shoeing and performance horses. During my time in the industry I have also gained an interest and focus on farrier’s themselves. Primarily, an interest to help keep them sound. An interest in one of our most essential tools, our apron. Badger Built LLC, was born in 2014 after more than a decade of designing, researching and making numerous aprons. Over that time an ergonomic apron was created that works with your body, not against it. It is the most comfortable apron I have ever worn so the thought of sharing it with others seemed fitting and teaming up with my wife, Michaela made it possible. After all, I thought other farrier’s just might want the same.

-Jason Bell CJF, RJF, CLS

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The most comfortable apron you will ever wear

Helping Keep Farrier’s Sound


Unique Patent Pending Design


Only the highest Quality Made in the USA


Moves with your body


Protects your legs with its wrap around design

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